Mittwoch, 20. April 2022

Letter To My Seven-Year-Old

 Dear Alev,

You are perfect as you are. The world is going to send you messages over the next many decades to try to convince you of the opposite. However, you really are perfect as you are. You were right to look for the truth, as something didn’t add up in the world you experienced.

Looking back today, you stood your ground and did your best not to divert from your truth. However, at some point, so much happened; the world beat you down and you got tired of fighting. So, you gave up, gave in, tried to stay under the radar, and do what you thought you were supposed to do. At some point, the line between your truth and the lies started to get more and more blurry. Even though you tried hard to stand your ground, you got lost and confused. You became more and more resentful and bitter. The pain became unbearable. Then one day, the universe started to send you help. You started to wake up and realize that all is and has always been well…

While you are on your difficult journey called life, be kind to yourself and to others. We are all in this together; this thing called human life. We will never understand fully what all of this means. However, no matter what it means, don’t take it too seriously. Remember to laugh regularly; at yourself, at life, and at others. See the irony of it all. Life is beautiful. Drop the stories, the expectations about how things should be and enjoy the moment. You will never find out what any of it really means, may as well enjoy the ride.

I know how much pain and suffering you have experienced in your life since you were a little girl. You did well, my dear!

Recently, another chapter in your life has emerged; it is a beautiful chapter of healing, becoming whole again, remembering who you always were; as god created you. You will shed all the limitations you have learned in your life and reemerge as a new, stronger you…

It looks like the caterpillar story that everyone is telling really does apply to human beings.

The hard life you had so far, the heart aches and pains, will elevate you to levels you can only dream of…

Stay strong; always remember who you are—the perfect little girl that god created; put onto this world to go through everything you went through so that she can learn the many lessons and become who she was meant to be…


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